“Instrumental music that can complement a visual project; music that can be used for TV, Film or Web.”

Born with perfect pitch, Tiffany has been involved with music most of her life.  When her dad gave her the “Batman” soundtrack by Danny Elfman on her 14th birthday, she became inspired to write instrumental music that could be used for Film or TV.2015NortonFamilyNov15-(98)-sm

She attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC where she studied classical piano with Lynne Gray and play jazz piano in the jazz orchestra directed by Davey Yarborough. Studying music composition at NYU, she studied with composers such as Marc-Antonio Consoli and Ruth Schonthal. She also studied music theory and orchestration under Justin Dello Joio and film scoring classes under Ron Sadoff.

Web Music
Tiffany has had a dual career in which she has been a web professional, working for companies in New York City and Washington DC while also being a composer.  While working for (a former subsidiary of HBO) she composed music for a few web segments:

  • Skin was a web segment which was about urban trends seen through a racial lens.  Tiffany was asked to write theme music similar to Madonna’s hit song “Music”.   Listen to the theme music for Skin.
  • She also composed music for another web segment about golf. The music was to imitate music that was used in a Tiger Woods commercial.  Listen to the music cue for the golf web segment.

String Arranging
She wrote a string arrangement for a song called “Pig Cupid”  by artist Beau Tand.

Music Education
In 2011 she created a jazz education program for the Washington Jazz Arts Institute.  The pilot program, Wee Jam, was run in 2011 and was a very enjoyable experience.  She plans to revisit this program and expand it’s reach to help children who don’t have access to educational opportunities such as these.