Do I Dare Work for Hire?

As long as I can remember I have been warned about the disadvantages of working for hire.  When I came across a freelance website that listed a lot of online music related jobs, I noticed there were some jobs listed by companies that wanted to hire composers to create music for a flat fee, but they wanted to keep the rights.  Almost all of the jobs offered compensation that is way too low.  It’s insulting what they are willing to pay for original music, but that is the price to pay for being in a global market.  There will always be someone willing to do work for peanuts.

Although I am very insulted, I am tempted to apply for some and here are the reasons’s why:

  • I am trying to raise over $21,000 in five years or less so that I can quit my job.
  • I would be writing music, which would be a plus.
  • I can still add this to my portfolio even if I don’t own the rights.

If a company is not willing to pay me decently, they shouldn’t expect the world.  I would happily compose this on Soundation studio for 15 minutes while I’m at work.  Then I can submit my music for the bid.  If I don’t get it, no problem.  If I do, score!