Unblocking Writer’s Block

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately. I thought I would ponder about how I can get over this with a blog post so don’t mind my ramblings. You are welcome to read along.

Reason  1: Physical Discomfort

I have been distracted with becoming a new mother and dealing with the physical stress my body has gone through with pregnancy and childbirth.


  • I’ve been taking Rhodiola, an herb that helps to repair the adrenal gland, which is partly responsible for handling certain hormones that will calm you down during stressful moments.
  • I’ve been taking Epsom salt and baking soda baths to help replenish magnesium in my body which helps with my energy and achy joints.
  • I am also thinking about doing meditation again, but I am cautious to make a commitment to do this because of my busy schedule.  Maybe I will casually date meditation like I talked about in a previous blog post about creating better habits.
  • I am also casually dating exercise again since I have access to a fitness center at my job and can do this during the middle of the day which is better for me.

Reason  2: Depressed About Having a Day Job

I am a little depressed because I haven’t been able to break free from the day job which is something that I thought I would have done by now.


  • I need money in order to leave my job and not leave my family destitute.   I am making plans to leave the day job in no more than 5 years from now by:
    • paying down the rest of my students loans in 3 years ($800 a month)
    • creating an income stream (doing WordPress websites for musicians) to save money in a MMA or savings account.
    • keeping a savings or MMA account and saving $350 a month which will get me to $21,000 in 5 years .
    • Looking at grants to fund my jazz education program which could also be another income stream that will go into my MMA or savings account.
    • Finish creating my 5 year plan with all of the music projects and ideas incorporated in the plan.  Whenever I get depress I can pull out this plan and read it and know that I have a road map to follow.

Reason 3: Writing For An Unfamiliar Genre

I have been asked to write 12 hip hop tracks for a music library and even though I am excited about the challenge, I am completely inexperienced with writing this way.  Everything I write sounds like garbage.


  • Analyze hip hop songs that are popular and that fit what the clients likes and emulate them.  Don’t judge.  Just write.
  • While in the writer’s block, use Soundation Studio to create ideas and write every day.  On music-light days just create some quick ideas.  Again don’t judge and don’t erase anything.  On music-heavy days, listen to all of the quick ideas and work on improving them to make something cool.  The breakthrough will happen if you keep writing.

Reason  4: Disorganized Music Studio

Ever since I moved to our new place my music studio has been a mess.  I really don’t have the space organized and settled the way I did in my old place.


  • Shred all information sensitive papers that you don’t need anymore and throw away the rest.
  • Use office closet to create an office supply/filing system to keep all important documents and important things organized.
  • Purchase an appropriate desk for music studio equipment.

If I follow all of these solutions, I should see an improvement with my writer’s block.  I will keep you posted.